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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Book Review-The Glory Bus/Come Out Tonight/The Lake by Richard Laymon

Pamela's husband is killed and she is abducted by a madman who has been obsessed with her since they were at school together. Salvation comes in the form of a stranger driving The Glory Bus who takes her to the safety of a small town nearby. Norman meanwhile, is driving with psycho Duke and sex mad Bones in the car, causing mayhem, as their path leads towards the same town and a bloody showdown.

This was Laymon at his best-vile characters, psychos and perverts, blood and gore, all tied up in an exciting and fast moving plot. This was one of my favourite Laymon books. I liked the town and the idea of The Glory Bus, and I was caught up in the trio's mad rampage across the country, hoping constantly that they would get what was coming to them!

Sherry's boyfriend nips out to the store and when he doesn't come back, her search for him leads her to be abducted and raped by the psychotic loser Toby who has killed her boyfriend because he has an obsession with her. If she doesn't do what Toby says she knows he is going to kill her and he also has his eyes on other possible victims.
This was one of my favourite Laymon books, filled with the usual sex and violence that you expect, but with a good plot and a much better selection of characters. I found the ending to be pretty interesting as well so a thumbs up for this one!

Leigh is an 18 year old looking for fun on her vacation, and becomes involved in a relationship with the handsome, reserved boy who lives there. They have to keep things secret from his strange mother but when disaster strikes, Leigh has to flee home with traumatic memories to suppress. Now years later, she is a mother to a teenage girl and something from her past is coming back to haunt them both.

I was surprised to read that this is thought of as his worst book as for me it was one of his best. I'm not referring to the opinions of the people here who said they didn't like the book as we all have our own opinions on a book and that should be respected. I was referring to internet talk in general about it being the worst book. Personally I'd give that honour to Alarums!

I liked the way the forbidden relationship and the aftermath was written and dealt with and I liked Leigh as a character. The story kept me interested as her past comes back to haunt her. I'm not going to put in any spoilers so you'll just have to read it yourself!

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