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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Book Review-Heart Shaped Box/Horns by Joe Hill

Jude is 54, a semi-retired grunge rocker who spends his time with young goth girlfriends and browsing the internet for occult items. When he is tipped off about a dead man's suit with a real ghost attached, he decides he must get it. At first the ghost is just there being creepy but then it starts to take on a more murderous intent. Jude had to find out who cursed him and find a way to stop it.

This was a wonderfully chilling story, full of tension, mystery and scary ass writing. He builds the scene so well that I could almost see the damn ghost in the hall outside my own bathroom. Kinda like the creepy vampire child in Salem's Lot. *shudder* I liked the fact that Jude was a flawed character as it made him seem real, but there was enough good in him to make you want him to live. And I adored those dogs of his! I love German Shepherds. The plot was well written with just enough happening to keep you guessing and wanting to read the next chapter. I'm not going to go into spoilers or anything. I guess you'll just have to read it for yourself! 

Ignatius William Perrish wakes up after a serious bender to find he has horns. These new accessories can make people admit embarrassing and horrible things to him, and can make them open to similar suggestions. More disturbing is the fact that nobody seems to like him and all think that he recently murdered his girlfriend. Who did kill her? And how can he get rid of these horns that nobody really seems to notice?

As someone who loved Heart Shaped Box I was dying to read this one-but I really didn't like it. The bits with Ig in the present were funny and quite entertaining but the book then went on to huge chunks of the most boring childhood known to man and it just ruined the book for me. I didn't care about young Ig riding naked in a cart down a hill and making new friends and all that guff! I wanted to see more of him influencing people like when he got the doctor's receptionist to yell at the woman who can't control her child. Yes I admit that I frequently yell at people who let their kids run riot in the waiting room so I was totally on board with Ig there. One bellow from me and the child soon starts bloody behaving itself, I kid you not!

This book had so much potential to be great!!! That is what is frustrating me so much! Joe Hill writes funny and creepy equally well and I hope I like his next book more.

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