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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Book Review-In the dark/Quake by Richard Laymon

Jane is a bored librarian who finds a 50 dollar bill and a cryptic note that leads her to another book with more money and another clue. So begins a scavenger hunt with a difference, starting out with innocent expeditions with the money doubling each time. Then just when Jane is hooked, the tasks start becoming more dangerous and illegal. She starts to have second thoughts about the game but the mystery host has no intention of letting her quit.
This book is clever, full of the suspense that Laymon does so well and it leaves you wondering how far someone would go for money if the game was really happening. It's not the usual gory horror, this is about building suspense and watching Jane put herself in really crazy situations with coffins, tramps, mad dogs etc. Jane is a dolt and you can't help shouting 'don't do that you stupid bitch!' every few chapters but its part of the fun of the book! Brace was a bit pointless, just there to be used for the usual sex scenes. My only complaint is that you don't get answers to the questions that you want to know about why MOG chose Jane for the game and what the purpose was.

Stanely lives with his elderly mother and every day he watches Sheila jog by. So when the earthquake comes and turns things upside down, Stanely is free from his mother and discovers Sheila naked and trapped in the remains of her home. It is a dream come true but Stanely knows he has to keep other rescuers and her family away so that he can have Sheila to himself.

Stanely is your typical weirdo pervert intent on rape and murder that you expect to find in a Richard Laymon novel, but this was one of his better books. You had the added tension of the quake and people being in trouble, other people taking advantage of the chaos and you are just waiting for Stanely to get what is coming to him!

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