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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Book Review-Iron Hunt/Darkness Calls by Marjorie M. Liu

Maxine is the last warden,here to stop the demons from killing humans,as her family have always done.By day she is immortal,protected by 5 demons living on her skin like protective tattoos,by night she is vulnerable as her boys take on their own forms to hunt. Now something very evil has come through the veil and it wants Maxine dead. With help from her friends and boys,can she save the world?
Firstly I liked Maxine and the general idea of her 5 pet demons was good. The boys are great fun and I like it when they are singing songs to her. They are a great creation. I liked the support cast and the plot was decent. But by the time she met Old Wolf, it went a bit downhill as everyone started talking in riddles and answering questions with questions and half answering some things-it all got a bit confusing as you tried to piece the story together as you went on. The whole labyrinth and wasteland section just lost my interest. Book finished good. It was a decent different read but the middle of the book spoiled it for me.

Book 2 was a bit of a let down for me. The book is still well written and I love the demon boys but they take a back seat in this book to the very confusing storyline which is a bit sad really. In this book Maxine, Grant,Jack,Mary,Byron and new allies are battling against an avatar called Mr King and his church minions who want to use Grant and Maxine for their own purposes.
If you thought the first story was confusing then strap yourself in for this one. More riddles, more half truths and confessions, and a pile of demon/human history are thrown together in tiny bits through the book that leaves you struggling to understand and put it all together. It is a shame because this series had such potential and originality but it is just way too confusing to follow for me, even reading the first 2 books back to back. I'll be missing out book 3 I think!

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  1. Hi! The story is quite interesting with the main character having 5 demons in form of tattoos. I haven't read this series, but from your point of view I think if someone finds it confusing then it's just too bad, because I like the idea of this book from this post itself, and maybe I might read it too, for comparison and interest. ^__^