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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Book Review-Knife by RJ Anderson

In the Oak Tree lives a dwindling group of faeries and the Queen is the only one left with the magic to protect them. A strange illness is killing them and old skills are being lost forever. Bryony is obsessed with going Outside which only a few get to do so when she finally gets out, she becomes obsessed with the humans in the nearby house, not knowing that involvement with them will change the faery colony forever.
Bryony is a typical child and young faery, wanting to go Outside, curious about the strange humans, and her curiosity leads her straight into trouble when she gets the chance. Her friendship with Paul saves his life and gives him an interest in living again after his recent paralysis. You like him and his family and you want better things to happen to them.

The story develops as Knife, her new name, decides to follow clues in an old diary to find out what happened to the faery magic and how this relates to the humans. Paul is happy to help and you can see their friendship slowly developing into love. You're not grossed out by it or anything, you want it to happen, which shows how well the characters are written.

You are always thinking about what is going on. Who left her the diary? Is the Queen good or evil? Who is spying on her? What is the Silence? There is enough happening to keep you interested. When I picked the book out, the title had me thinking that it was about evil faeries and faery wars or some battle with the humans so it was a shock to realise I was very much wrong! But I did enjoy the book.

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