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Monday, 4 April 2011

Book Review-Minion/Bad Blood by LA Banks

Damali loves to create music and is signed to Warriors of Light Records. But after dark her group hunts vampires and demons. Now rogue vampires are targeting all music artists and drug dealers, leaving mutilated bodies and the police determined to find answers.

This book was a bit of a let down for me. I wasn't really drawn into the plot as I wasn't caring much about the characters. They didn't have the depth or like-ability that I look for in my heroes. The way the plot went to start with was ok but nothing really exciting that made me want to read more. It didn't grab me or make me desperate to know what happened next.It was nice to have an African American kick ass heroine but sadly she was not well written and it was a wasted opportunity. However I really got annoyed when it was hinted that the psycho drug dealer should have our sympathy and he was going to be our heroine's love interest. Sorry, I have no time for glorifying drug dealers as 'misunderstood' or 'good guys really' and having them as romantic leads. They are scum pure and simple, no excuses and I only want to read about them as vampire victims getting what they deserve! When I saw the way the book seemed to be going, I quit. 

 Sasha and her black ops team are infected with the werewolf disease but a wonder drug prevents them from wolfing out. Their job is to hunt down dangerous werewolves who are fully changed and infecting others. Sasha is on a solo mission to Korea to kill one when she meets a werewolf who tells her that the truth is not so simple and that she does not know the full story. There are good and bad kinds of werewolves out there and he wants an alliance with Sasha to track down the bad. Meanwhile the rest of her team hit trouble when the pack leader fully turns during their mission.

Ok I thought this book was pretty bad. I thought we were going to get a story about Sasha getting help from this new werewolf to locate her missing team-the impression the cover was giving me-but that wasn't the case. It started out ok as we get to know her team but when she goes to her mission in Korea, we start getting huge info dumps page after page which was starting to annoy me. We were hit with a complete werewolf history, vampire v werewolf wars and enough military detail to spin your head like Linda Blair in The Exorcist! I don't care about all the military hardware and tactics and I don't want pages of dull story which brought the current plot to a sudden halt, and judging by some reviews I read, this becomes a pattern in the book.

This strikes me as another series that had massive potential but was spoiled by bad writing and not planned out well enough. This is not an author that I'm interested in reading more of I'm afraid.

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