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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Book Review-Once dead twice shy by Kim Harrison

Madison was killed by a reaper after her Prom, but a twist of fate means she is dead but can 'live' on earth. The bad reapers want to kill her, the good reapers are protecting her and the powerful amulet that she stole from her killer. And that's as exciting as this book gets.

Now I enjoy reading Kim Harrison's books but this one was really poor. It started out ok but Madison is pretty annoying and Barnabas does nothing but moan, complain and sulk like a 5 year old. Just shut up already. Then that really uber-annoying guardian angel thing comes along chanting stupid limericks every five seconds and I was ready to scream! Think Peeves from Harry Potter without it being funny and that's our angel. Josh was just a pathetic wimp who seemed to be there as a poster boy for Colgate, flashing that perfect grin. Oh please. If there is one thing I hate in a book it is poor characters and I'm afraid this book has them in abundance.

Even the plot isn't very exciting. It just meanders along doing nothing very interesting and it doesn't take long to lose interest in it. Very disappointing.

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