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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Book Review-The reformed vampire support group by Catherine Jinks

Nina was 15 when she became a vampire and is part of the Reformed Vampire Support Group that meet every week. They are not strong, they are always sick and watching TV, they have no fun and they breed guinea pigs to eat. So when one of their group is murdered by a vampire slayer, everyone panics that their addresses are now known to the killer. Can the most useless group of vampire wimps find a way to track down the killer and save themselves? Add in illegal werewolf fights and bad guys with guns and you get an idea why these vampires should never be allowed to go out without a chaperone...

This was a good, light, fun read with a new take on vampires. They are not superhuman, not cool, have no real clue about the world they live in and everything they do gets messed up-cue all kinds of chaos. I liked the mix of characters as well-nice guy Dave, Nina's cranky human mother, the hapless vampire slayer, the Bela Lugosi wannabe, their all knowing pompous leader...It was amusing to see the group dynamics and I would hate to spend eternity going to support meetings with this bunch!

I don't normally like these vampire humour books but this was a pleasant exception to the rule. I know there is a follow up book about the werewolves which I might keep an eye out for.

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