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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Book Review-The Stake/Night Show/No Sanctuary by Richard Laymon

Horror writer, Larry Dunbar and his friends are exploring a ghost town when they find a dead girl's body with a stake in her chest. Is she really a vampire or a murder victim? What would happen if the stake was removed? Larry is determined to take the body home while he tries to decide what to do next.

Larry becomes obsessed with the vampire girl and starts investigating who she is. Is he going to risk pulling out the stake to see what happens? Just imagine you had found the body-what would you do? Ooh imagine how exciting and scary that discovery would be! With all the vampire books I read, part of me would want to solve the mystery so I can understand Larry's motivations to a certain extent.

Then we have the excellent character of the psycho pervert teacher who is raping Larry's daughter Lane and who she suspects of killing a missing classmate. How many of us girls had fantasies about a gorgeous teacher and hoped that he would notice us? Well Lane is exactly the same, a massive crush on her teacher, who then goes psycho on her. A warning to all lustful teenage girls-be careful what you wish for!

Tony liked to play nasty tricks on people at school and his prank led to Linda being badly hurt. But Tony has moved on and is trying to get the job of his dreams working for the Queen of special effects in Hollywood, by using his tricks to scare her as well. Linda hasn't forgotten Tony though, and is plotting her revenge against him.

This was a decent read. You hated Tony and his nasty friends and I loved the way Linda started to get her revenge on those who had wronged her! I was cheering her on as she hunted down those responsible for her accident. Maybe that shows my twisted side...Tony was someone who needed to be sorted out and I found it unbelievable that our special effects girl didn't get this weird stalker arrested instead of encouraging him to hang around spying on her!

Rick had a traumatic experience the last time he went camping but he decides to overcome his fear because his girlfriend Bert loves it. So they head off into the great outdoors unaware that perverts and serial killers have chosen the same destination.

I found the panic and paranoia in poor Rick as the trip progressed to be part of what made this a tense and interesting book. The side story of Gillian, who breaks into houses to live in them while the owners are on holiday gets interesting when the house she picks belongs to a serial killer. You just now that some of the unsuspecting souls you meet on the trip are going to end up dying a bloody death as is the norm in a Laymon book and as usual I'm thinking 'bring it on!'

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