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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Book Review-Taming the Beast by Emily Maguire

14 year old Sarah is seduced by her 38 year old teacher and they embark on an affair that is passionate and violent, until his wife discovers he has been cheating and he chooses to move away to save his marriage. Sarah self destructs with meaningless sex with everyone she meets until years later her ex-lover comes back to continue their destructive affair.

There is no plot to this book just sex sex sex and it got boring after 40 pages of it especially with all the sexual violence and humiliation thrown in for good measure. The guy is a paedophile who groomed a student and subjected her to all kinds of violence which she seemingly enjoyed, and basically destroyed her life.

I knew there was going to be a lot of sex in the book when I lifted it in the charity shop but I wasn't expecting it on nearly every bloody page. I'm not a prude about sex in books(hey I read Urban Fantasy and Paranormal romance mostly!) but this was just too much and it became a very vile piece of paedophile porn pretending to be a book. I certainly won't be going near this author again.

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