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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Hyper Heffers...

Well The Vodka Sheep was in fine form over the weekend, having a big cider blowout and keeping half the street awake all night. Actually she was more like a hyper heffer or drunken hippo to be honest with you. She was boogeying about in her soft pink dressing gown and imitating a dog barking in another garden. I was engrossed in my latest book when I heard her gentle tones screeching from the garden 'AYE, woof woof f*****g WOOF!' I just shook my head and turned the page. Then I heard the sound of the bins crashing to the ground along with her and a yell of 'b*****d bins!' so I'm assuming they brutally assaulted her through no fault of her own...just another typical weekend in chuckleville...

JOY! My copy of Harry Potter arrived first thing on Monday morning and I was watching it that same night. I enjoyed it even more second time round and I was still sobbing at poor Dobby's demise. What a soft touch I am. I've started getting the audio cds of the book which I've really enjoyed as well. I feel that Stephen Fry really brings the story to life and you laugh out loud at all the funny bits. It's a pity they cost so much to buy but I intend to get plenty use out of them so I'm going ahead with buying the rest when I save up the money.

The Walking Dead has started on British tv this weekend so I'll be taking a look at that tonight hopefully. I do love my zombie gore! I'm also recording The Kennedy's on the History Channel and Sparticus Gods of the Arena for my dad. When I'll fit all this around my reading at the moment is anyone's guess...

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