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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Book Review-Feed by Mira Grant

Two cures for cancer and the common cold result in a viral strain that turn humans and selected animals into zombies. Georgia and Shaun run popular blogs reporting the latest news on the virus and zombies and they are selected for the Presidential campaign news team of a popular candidate. But all is not as it seems and a deadly conspiracy has been uncovered that could cost the twins and many other people their lives.

Oh this book got off to such a good start with the zombies chasing our heroes through an infected town. It was exciting and gripping as you waited to see if those zombie teeth would be tearing through flesh! I liked the ditzy character of Buffy, and the twins themselves were quite interesting. I liked reading the changes that have happened to the people since the plague as written in their blogs. I liked the descriptions of the security and medical checks they go through after every visit outside and how life has changed since the zombies came. 

And then the book turned crap and my enthusiasm evaporated! Yes, here came the campaign. Now I am very interested in politics and read a lot of books on the subject but this was not a good example. Page after page of campaign events, inane chats, droning on about nothing and no damn zombies! Excuse me but I expect lots of zombie action in my zombie novel!!! Where are my flesh ripping dudes??? Where are my gnashing teeth and people being ripped apart in bloody gore? This just turned into a bog standard story about teenage media sources and their coverage of politics which is not what I was paying for. This was a complete let down. Yes the end of the book was quite good and I liked the twist but the long drawn out crap that made up most of the book was too boring for me and I'm not reading the rest of the series.

If anyone knows of good all action zombie terror and gore novels then feel free to let me know! I don't think I've read a decent zombie novel since Dawn of the Dead...

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