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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Book Review-Urban Shaman by CE Murphy

Joanne, a police mechanic, witnesses a woman being attacked as she watches from above in a plane. She hires a taxi and goes to find the victim, Marie. She tells Joanne and Gary that she is being pursued by The Wild Hunt, a deadly group of ghost riders led by a Celtic God who collects souls. Now the Hunt are interested in killing Joanne who is just uncovering her shaman powers and could be a threat to them. Add in the demi-god who is murdering the citizens of Seattle and Joanne has a big task on her hands.

OK start with the negatives-I find it unbelievable that Joanne could see the knife in the guy's hand from the plane above as he waited to attack Marie, especially as she was wearing contacts that had been irritating her eyes for hours. I have issues with that! But it was still an interesting start to a story.

On to the likes! Joanne at first seems a bit of a pain but I quickly warmed to her and now nice it was to have her sidekick as a senior citizen instead of hot young guy! Gary was a great character and his friendship with Joanne was fun. I also liked the side characters of Billy the cop, Morrison the boss, and of course the awesome Coyote the spirit guide! There was a nice mix of mythology, history and shamanism without overdosing on any of them.

There is plenty going on in this book to keep it moving and the action sequences keep you rooted to the book. I was finding that I kept promising myself 'one more chapter' before lack of sleep forced me to put the book down last night! I'm really looking forward to more of Joanne's adventures!

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