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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

What a day!!!

I've been up to my eyes in computer stuff the last week or two, trying to organize my next three months of reading for my Summer Reading Challenge, plus trying to watch the cricket. It might have been a bit easier if I could do both in the same room! Sadly my books have been uber-breeding again and there is no way a computer desk is squeezing into my room anytime soon. I think I might be in trouble if books ever become self-aware and want to take over the world coz there will be a crisis in my house dealing with their murderous rampage! I already fear that an earthquake in the west of Scotland will leave me buried under a pile of wood and paper and the rescue dogs will need to get sent in to find me...On the plus side I have been getting through some of my books at last and new reviews will be getting added today. There have been a few surprising gems that I wasn't expecting which adds to the booky fun.

What about that cricket eh?!! Now come on, who thought that England could possibly win that Test Match yesterday? It was one hell of a batting collapse and pure TV gold! Pity about the naff new cricket theme that we are being subjected to. I wish Sky would use the old BBC theme 'Soul Limbo'. Now that was a groovy tune to get you in the mood for cricket fun.

Other TV gold over the last few weeks has to be psycho John in Coronation Street! He is just brilliant. I still feel sorry for him despite his recent criminal spree. He should be getting awards for either best actor or best comedy performance. When Chesney is worried that John will crash his car and die, leaving Chesney and the Hoyles trapped in that cellar, John's outburst of "I've got airbags!" was such a classic moment! I'm really going to miss his performances. Other gold would be 'The Walking Dead' with excellent zombie chaos and gore(can't wait for season two), and all the fights and tantrums on Deadliest Catch. Unmissable! 

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