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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Book Review-Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon

Renee's parents are found dead in the woods.Although the official report calls it heart attacks,the circumstances look suspicious to Renee,especially when her estranged grandfather sends her to boarding school for her safety.There she meets the mysterious Dante and discovers that she might not be as safe as she thought.

Could Renee have been more of a pain in the butt?On hearing that she was to be sent to boarding school for her own safety,all she could do was stamp her foot and have hissy fits.I'd have been questioning my grandfather about my parents death,what this school was,who was I in danger from,why I needed to leave,why I wasn't to live with him etc but she doesn't ask a single question,not even about what her subjects will be.Then at the school she is rude to her room-mate,acting like a snotty brat,arguing with the way her classes are taught and mocking Dante's name before she's even met the guy.She really is a rude bitch and my dislike for her grew as the pages turned.She was always moaning and whining like a 5 year old about EVERYTHING,and manipulating people and behaving like a spoiled kid.There was nothing nice about her and I really hoped she would just die.

On arrival at the school,of course Mr Hot Boy who never talks to anyone falls in love with her.No surprises there but that didn't bug me as much as the typical I-hate-you-really and the you're-not-safe-with-me stuff that we get in every YA novel.I'd just like to see more originality in the plots sometimes.The book is also so slow that you felt nothing interesting was ever going to happen.The supporting cast were just put there for Renee to whine to and the plot just never got going for me.A big disappointment.

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