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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Book Review-Kiss of the Rose by Kate Pearce

I love The Tudors and I love vampires but sadly I did not love this book. We have Rosalind the Druid vampire slayer, called to Court to protect Henry VIII and Queen Katherine, only to be forced to work with a Druid hunting vampire protector who is her mortal enemies. Both must track down this rogue vampire with the help of the trusty 'servant' Rhys and very shady Vampire Elias.

OK is there anyone who doesn't want to get into Rosalind's pants? Honestly, I was getting tired of everyone salivating over her on every page. I got tired of her and Christopher's 'oh I hate you mine dastardly mortal enemy but I'm gonna jump into bed countless times anyway and the mission be damned'. When they are meant to be killing the mad vampire, why are they out in the bushes groping each other instead? You have been entrusted to look after the King and Queen, you pair of brainless idiots! Do your job!

Ah the job...Rosalind the vampire hunter does get a glimpse of a shadowy figure a couple of times but the first time she fights a vampire is page 188! And the 'fight' is over in about ten seconds. The hunt through the tunnels had no tension at all, just a few vampires hanging around to be killed before the next sex scene. And the so called big fight at the end was just a damp squib. A big fat let down.

The characters bored me. Every time our lovers see each other the lust seems so overpowering that they can't control themselves. Oh please. I'm surprised that the royal family survived the book with this pair as so called protectors. The bad girl vampire was boring, the constant all sex and no real plot was boring. And for a Tudor novel there was a distinct shortage of actual Tudors in it. The Queen is only there so we can have a convenient place for Christopher to find Rosalind. Oh and Rosalind's constant vanishing with a man without taking her leave of the Queen would never happen. For a lady at Court to attend the Queen, she never seems to actually be with the Queen! Rosalind knows that the vampire is one of the Queen's ladies yet spends all her time out in the grounds with her boys instead of beside the Queen protecting her!

So lets not call this one paranormal romance at all. It is just a Mills and Boon/Harlequin type romance novel with lots of sex. I bought this as a Tudor vampire novel but it totally lacked excitement, action and a worthwhile story. The odd vampire as window dressing was NOT what I was looking for.

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