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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Book Review-Prom Nights from hell anthology

Meg Cabot-The Exterminator's Daughter
Mary is a vampire killer who sets her sights on the vampire who has seduced her best friend. This vampire is also the son of the vampire who has caused great damage to her family so killing him might draw out her true enemy. Short decent enough story.

Lauren Myracle-The Corsage
Frankie wants her friend Will to ask her to the prom.She thinks a push from a local fortune teller might help him to ask her. The psychic isn't helpful but Frankie helps herself to a corsage that grants 3 wishes despite warnings not to use it. Excellent story.

Kim Harrison-Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper
Madison's Prom date Josh is a pity date set up by their parents and she feels humiliated by this until the exotic Seth comes to her rescue. Josh is angry at seeing her with another guy and is concerned when she agrees to leave the dance with Seth. Having read the novel that follows up this story, I'd say this was much better written than the book itself which I did not like.

Michele Jaffe-Kiss and Tell
Miranda is a part-time driver and superhero with special powers.Her client Sibby is in danger from a group of criminals who want to use her for evil so Miranda has to risk her secret identity to help. This story was not a good one. I disliked Sibby and the entire plot.

Stephenie Meyer-Hell on Earth
Sheba is a demon who loves spreading misery and she has arranged that everyone is at Prom with an unsuitable date, allowing her to spread pain and misery. But why is Gabe immune to her evil thoughts and will he destroy her plans? This was another good story, my second favourite in the book.

Overall only one story lets this volume down and I was enjoying reading the others.

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