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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Catching up time...

I've been doing loads this month and taking note of it to copy onto this blog but never quite seemed to get time to upload it. SoI'll upload the best bits of my rants...

My house has been like a sauna because of the heatwave that has been coming and going so sitting upstairs and trying to read has been impossible. Try watching the Tour de France and sticking your head out the window every few minutes gasping for air like a dog left in a car. It gets worse when your hair grip gets caught in the netting strung across the window to keep out the bugs and beasties and you have to yell for your dad to come and untangle you. Very slick! Yeah I know, I'm a big girlie but wasps seem to like my room and keep coming in and making me freak-so I have netting stuck along the window frame to keep the flying buggers out while letting the air in. So my hopes for the cycling? To see Cavendish and Contador LOSE. I really hate Mark Cavendish and I refuse to support him just because he's British because he's arrogant and a very poor loser. Any guy who headbutts opponents, tries to run his rivals off the road and goes into a sulk when he loses and refuses to talk to the media is NOT a role model in my book.
   Wow there are some amount of crashes happening in this race and we aren't even at the mountains yet. Did you see that spectator who caused that massive pile up? Honestly, some people shouldn't even be allowed out the house without a collar and lead on...nice to see that it put Contador down the field. I don't quite believe his story about failing the drug test because he ate a bit of meat that had banned drugs in it. There must have been some damn hyper cows and pigs in France last year with that stuff in their bloodstream...
Super Oink!

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