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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

More catch up...

Was very impressed with the way the England cricket team beat India in the First Test. They are certainly playing good cricket and it was nice to see Kevin Pietersen shut everyone up with a great performance. Lets face it, the cricket snobs will never take to him because he was born in South Africa. They couldn't wait to get stuck in when he had a dip in form recently. They seem to have forgotten that for a while he was the player who was turning in the big performances while everyone else fell apart. Ashes 2005 anyone??? Hypocrites. Anyway good to have you back KP!
    Heh! No Tour de France win for Contador! The mountain stages were very exciting. This has been the best race I've ever watched. Sadly Cavendish the Manx Moaner looks like he is going to win the Green jersey. Oh joy. They are talking about him on Eurosport as if he is the Second Coming. Bleahhh!
   Had another few trips down to that lovely ice cream shop-the family have tried quite a few flavours-strawberry, mint choc chip, toffee, banana, irn bru, chocolate, blue cloud(spearmint). Next I want to try the turkish delight and my mum is trying the coconut!
   The TV is already full of the new football season and I'm getting bored with it. I'm fed up with hearing about all the sectarian stuff going on in the Premier League. It's quite simple to me-look at the CCTV and see who is waving the sectarian banners/flags and singing offensive songs and arrest them and ban them from all football matches forever. Very straightforward. Why it has taken them donkeys years to even discuss doing something about it is beyond me. It is ruining Scottish football and finally something might be done about these idiots.

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