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Monday, 29 August 2011

Book Review-Greywalker by Kat Richardson

Harper Blaine is a P.I. who briefly dies after a brutal assault.When she wakes she finds herself drifting between reality and a strange foggy place with scary monsters.She has become a Greywalker,someone who can walk the zone between worlds and see what lurks there.

It started promisingly with the attack that killed her but then it went rapidly downhill.We get lots of incidents of her being lost in the fog with strange creatures around her then we drift back to her missing person case then we're off in the fog again.This just kept going on and on and it was so boring to read.Then we have her constant denials about what is happening to her even when it has been explained constantly to her.Look just accept it and deal and move on with the story already!I hate these long drawn out 'accepting circumstances' plots.I just want to get to the actual story.

Then we have the experts who were trying to explain her new circumstances and they just plain annoyed me.First we get the science version which nobody would understand especially our heroine,then the 'simple' version keeps getting interrupted by the baby or everyone moving to a different room or something else pointless.That whole scene was annoying.

The book was too slow,the characters not very interesting and the plot-well things just meandered along doing nothing for way too long.I won't be reading anything else in this series.

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