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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The brats are back at school!

The twittering of the birds, the sound of the lawnmowers gently chewing the grass,  a dog woofing, the odd car driving by...ah the peace and quiet...Yes the darling children went back to school yesterday and now I can actually sit and relax and read my book without interruption. No ear shattering screams. No sobbing wails. No yells that someone cheated and isn't playing anymore. No parents yelling about this being their very very very last chance or any other disturbance. No water balloons hitting your house or fence. No brats invading your garden to play without permission on your driveway.  It is absolute heaven!!! I intend to take advantage of this every day until their next big school holiday in October. I have a big pile of books to get on with...

But my good mood didn't last long because of the idiots that empty our bins every week. We line them up along the hedge nice and neat each time and the binmen only have to take five steps to pull them to the road to be emptied. They then take one step back and dump the bins for all our neighbours right across our driveway. Talk about lazy ass workers! Last week my mother asked them politely to move the bins and the response she got was 'f***'s sake'. Today the bins were put dead centre on the driveway again and I'm damn sick of it. If these lazy pig ignorant arses can't be bothered doing their job properly, sack them and let some poor guy who really wants a job do it instead. These idiot binmen need a kick up the butt to teach them a lesson and I intend to get my revenge on them.

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