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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

So proud to be British-NOT

Well the scenes of violence and looting reached new heights yesterday. It was disgusting to see those smug, jeering moronic little shits running wild, assaulting police, setting buildings/cars/buses on fire, looting and spreading terror amongst decent people. These idiots are not doing this to avenge anything or as a protest against the government-they are doing it because they are anti-social nutters who use any excuse to get out there and cause trouble and they should be dealt with accordingly. Do they care that people have lost their homes, jobs and businesses thanks to their arson and looting expeditions? Do they care about the impact of this violence on their community and its residents? Of course they don't. These people are too selfish to give a damn about anything except themselves. I doubt that new businesses are going to want to open up premises in any of these places in the future which of course will punish the decent people in these areas. It only takes a few muppets to spoil things for everyone as usual. And what people around the world will think of our country I just dread to think. Great advert for the London Olympics next year. And it's not just London-idiots all over the country are seeing this as a chance to cause mayhem and it needs to be dealt with NOW.
   Well God help them if I was in charge. I'd wait until they were inside the shops they break into then throw in the gas cannisters and arrest every one of them as they stagger out in agony. I'd have water cannons on the street to sort the buggers out and I'd be using tasers on anyone who was causing trouble. But of course if the police try that kind of tactic everyone starts bleating about them being heavy handed. If the police back off, they aren't being forceful enough. The police just can't win in these situations. If this is the best of British, I am really ashamed to live in this country today. I dread to think what tonight will bring.

For full riot coverage follow the link to Sky News at:

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