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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Book Review-Dying Bites by DD Barant

Jace Valchek is an FBI profiler with a proven track record for hunting psychopaths. When a possible mentally ill human starts killing supernatural beings in their world, vampire NSA head Cassius takes Jace from her world to come to his and solve the case. If she fails, she may never see her own world again. But the human she seeks offers to be her ally instead-does she ally with a fellow human to overthrow the government who brought her here by force, or does she betray her rebelling species instead?

This was a very good, action packed urban fantasy adventure. It had the usual mix of vampires and werewolves, all with interesting characters, but also introduced the golems which was something a bit different. Jace has a wise cracking golem bodyguard called Charlie who was my favourite character. Jace herself is tough and I liked her, especially the fact that she makes mistakes and wrong decisions like everyone else.

It was interesting for the human to be stranded in a world where she is in the minority and in constant danger. I also liked the way the people of the two worlds were fascinated by each others technology and strange ways. The book cleverly mixes our world history into a supernatural context ie what happened to vampires and werewolves in Nazi camps. A good supporting cast kept this book fresh, good action, good humour and I really look forward to reading book 2.

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