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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Book Review-In my dreams I dance by Anne Wafula Strike

This is the fascinating and inspiring story of Anne Wafula, a Kenyan girl who was struck down with polio as a child. Her parents defied the wishes of their village when they refused to let the 'cursed' child die and they were shunned and forced to leave. Instead they ensured that Anne received the best education possible, becoming the first family member to go to University, supporting her love for an English man and her desire to get pregnant despite the health risks. Anne faces prejudice and difficulty with a determination that saw her become the first Kenyan woman to race in a wheelchair at the Athens Paralympics.

What an amazing story! I have such sympathy for the trauma of the family to see Anne get polio despite having had her vaccinated. Anne has a loving supportive family that are determined to do everything to allow her to lead as normal a life as possible, beginning with enrolling her at a Salvation Army school for disabled children where she learns independence and gets a solid education to take on to University. Her search for love and a good job have many ups and downs until she begins a new life with her English husband. It was great to read her describing the freedom that her wheelchair suddenly gave her and the joy that came when she discovered wheelchair racing.

Anne is inspiring and you really get caught up in the story of a young woman that you can't help liking. It makes you feel guilty for complaining about the mundane things in life when you see the struggles that she has with things as simple as going to the toilet. Anne also has dedicated herself to making the lives of others better with her fundraising and charity work, giving back in gratitude for all the help that she was given.

She hopes to be competing for Britain at the London Paralympics so if she qualifies I'll be cheering her on!

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