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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Friday, 30 September 2011

First weigh in

A few days after coming home from Blackpool it was time to go to the doctor to get weighed for the first time since going on the weight loss medication and new healthy living regime. I was delighted to have lost 10.3 pounds in 5 weeks. That's a good start and I'm well on the way to my first goal of losing 42 pounds. When I get there, I'll set my next target and just take it from there. I finally had to admit that if I want to lose the weight, I have to say goodbye to some of my favourite foods-cheese pizza,chocolate,crisps,indian curries,ice cream,full fat milk-and I've had to cut way down on cheese. Instead I'm on low fat bagels,more soup/yoghurt/fruit,grape juice,seafood and smaller pasta portions. It's not been as tough as I thought now that I've admitted the changes I need to make. Still I do miss some of that stuff on the forbidden list!
    I've been out walking more than usual and while I no longer puff like a steam train when I walk,the down side is that I have less time for reading and computer stuff! I haven't written a book review in ages and I need to get stuck into that next week. I just finished Chris Ryan's book 'The one that got away' and it was pretty scary how badly equipped and planned that Bravo Two Zero mission was and it certainly cost men their lives. It looks like the British Army have learned nothing from that experience from what former soldiers are saying. And now of course we hear about defence cuts and armed forces losing their jobs at a time when Britain is sticking its nose into the affairs of quite a few countries. If Argentina attack the Falkland Islands again, we might need to borrow ships to go out there to defend our citizens and THAT is not acceptable!

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