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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Holiday Blog part 1-Morecambe

I'm just back from a great holiday in Blackpool, a seaside resort in England which I have been visiting since I was 3. The shopping is cheap,the people are very friendly and helpful,there is lots to do even if it rains-Blackpool Tower,The Pleasure Beach rollercoaster theme park,zoo,Stanley Park,Madame Tussauds waxworks,Sealife Centre,3 piers...great place! On the way down,which took us about 4 hours in the car as we weren't really in a hurry,we stopped at a few service stations and then made the mistake of driving into Morecambe Bay which I always wanted to see.For anyone who ever watched the comedy series Morecambe and Wise,you might be interested to know that a statue of Eric Morecambe is one the seafront which attracts a lot of visitors.I was able to see the statue and get a quick photo before dashing back to the car which was parked on a double yellow line.Unfortunately,we decided to visit the town on the day of a HUGE car boot sale and festival and the traffic was so bad that just going in and out for a 5 minute visit took close to 90 minutes to complete!Never again I tell you.It was a joy to get back on the damn motorway.I collect postcards and during my brief stop I was only able to come  up with 4 scenic ones for my collection.I'm not sure it was worth the hassle really.It was sad to see the resort in such decline with the shabby remains of its own rollercoaster park in complete ruin.I hope the town gets a good revamp as it has real potential to be a nice town if someone invests in its future.And it took all our strength to stop my dad heading into that car boot sale...if he had gone in there I doubt he'd ever have come out!

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