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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Holiday Blog part 2-Hurricane Katia

I was already worried about going away and leaving the house unattended-me I worry about everything that could go wrong while I'm gone.Y'know things like fire flood burglars vandals storms squatters and all kinds of cheerful things like that.So hearing that we were going to get Hurricane Katia arriving the night we left for Blackpool was a bit worrying.The prediction was for 80mph winds and very heavy rain in Scotland so I couldn't stop thinking about that as we chugged down the motorway.We arrived in Blackpool which is right on the Irish sea and we could see that it was pretty damn windy.After booking into the Clifton Court hotel(our usual haunt),we decided to take a walk along the seafront.Holy cow it was so windy that my parents were being blown a few steps ahead of me every time there was a big gust! It was a bit un-nerving!I was able to keep my feet ok because I carry extra weight-it's the first time in years that I appreciated being fat!!!Blackpool has a reputation for being windy but I've never seen it like that in all the years I've been there.Virtually everything was closed even places to eat as hardly anyone was on the streets except idiots like us.The massive spray from the water was coming right across us as we walked which gave us a lovely salt bath.You can't really see how wild the waves were from our photos but it was an impressive sight if you didn't get too close.Well,I never was one to let the holiday be ruined by the weather but I was so tired,sore and out of breathe by the time I got back to the hotel after looking around the markets that I couldn't move the rest of the night!The wind was seriously howling through the night but with the excellent glazed windows at the hotel I slept like a log.It took a few painkillers to get me moving the next day though...

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