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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Holiday Blog part 3-Books!

Our first full day in Blackpool was a second day of gritting our teeth and battling into the wind to get back to the markets.It was so hard to walk but we eventually got there.Bond Street has some excellent shops.I picked up 3 excellent Elvis bobbleheads at 5 pounds each-bargain-and 3 other Elvis statues at the same price.Excellent!I do love Elvis stuff.Then I moved on to the charity shops on Waterloo Road and picked up Lance Armstrong-Every second counts,Andy McNab-Bravo Two Zero,Chris Ryan-The one that got away,Betty Mahmoody-Not without my daughter,John Grisham-The Firm,The rough guide to Elvis,and Elizabeth Goudge-The White Witch..Not bad at all.The big problem was that when we headed back to the hotel,the wind was catching the bags we were carrying and almost sending us airborne!It was no surprise that the rollercoasters weren't running as that would have been pretty dangerous.On the food side,I can recommend the Italian restaurant that we ate at twice on Highfield road at the south of Blackpool.The chicken in the onion,stilton and broccoli sauce was excellent as was the penne napoli with tomato,basil and garlic sauce.The tomato and basil soup and chilled melon sorbet are also very good options for starters.So try Constantine's-but book it in advance because it is a busy place. 

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