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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Holiday Blog part 7-The rain is back

Friday was a bit overcast and grim but the sun did poke through in spells on our last full shopping day though my dad spent a fair bit of it inside the bookmakers picking horses that ran like donkeys!I had developed a cough which was driving me nuts so I'm going to do a product placement advert for Covonia cough medicine and cough sweets which were a great help!I must admit that this week has totally taken it out of me and my knees are really suffering.You know how it is when you are coming back to the hotel tired and then you see those narrow stairs leading up to your room on the first floor and you just want to give up and lie in the hallway instead! My parents went out to look at the famous Blackpool illuminations that night but I just didn't have the energy.Funny how you sometimes need a holiday to recover from your holiday!It's been a really great week and I look forward to getting back next time.I spent Saturday packing and chilling out just as the rain finally hit.I was reading Jean Plaidy 'Murder most royal' and watching Father Ted.And now it's back to the delights of home.Jeez I miss those Ice Blasts already...

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