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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Bad week

Ooh last week was just one of those weeks where you just wish you'd spent the whole of it in bed and never surfaced! I decided that I had to get a bit of Christmas shopping done so the family drove out past Loch Lomond to go to Aberfoyle which has some great shopping at decent prices. We were behind a German tour bus which couldn't decide which side of the damn road he wanted to drive on and we were thinking he was either drunk or just plain dangerous. We got to a straight bit of road and decided to get by so my dad flashed his lights to let him know we were overtaking but as we got alongside him the idiot starting swerving towards us and nearly forced us off the road and into a ditch! Maniac bloody muppet head! We went straight to the police in Aberfoyle who didn't seem particularly interested in checking this guy out despite him being in the same car park as us. 'Go home and file a report if you want' was the attitude. Well if he damn well kills someone while on the tour, the police can take responsibility for it. Perhaps if they took their heads out of their arse and pulled up drivers like this, the roads would be safer for everyone. So if you see Scherer Reisen bus SIM SR 440 on the road, get the hell away from him.
    I did get a few wee Christmas gifts for my friends though but it kinda spoiled the whole day as you can imagine.

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  1. best luck for Christmas and yup wishing you a hppy Xmas....Share your adventures..