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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Book Review-Against the Wall by Simon Yates

The true story of 4 friends who decide to take on a dangerous climb of the world's largest vertical rock-face, the 4000 feet face of Paine in Chile. Physically demanding with wild weather and tensions between them, the climbers despair of ever getting to the top. Will any of them achieve their goal?

This book really brings it home just how soul destroying some of these climbs can be. The good weather they hoped for was replaced by vicious storms, their wooden huts near the climb were leaking in the pouring rain leaving them soaked and miserable and the sheer scale of the climb was beyond anything that they had imagined. You can really picture yourself in that miserable place. The book is well written and Simon Yates does not sugar coat his opinions of what is going on and the tensions he felt towards the other members of the team.

A decent book for climbing fans but don't expect a big disaster novel as it doesn't get that dramatic.

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