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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Book Review-Rogue by Rachel Vincent

I decided to give book two a try but sadly I found it to be just the same as book one. The investigation into the dead toms seems to take second place to Faythe's annoying love life. Marc adores her and she treats him like something foul that she stood in. He's fine to sleep with, she claims she loves him but she can't even reassure him that she sees any kind of future for them as she doesn't want to get tied down. What a selfish, annoying bitch she is. Add to that the fact that she is part of a pack yet refuses to follow pack rules. She constantly puts herself in danger with her reckless disobeying of orders which then puts the rest of the pack at risk as they try to save her. And THIS is what is being groomed to rule the pack??? Oh please, the pack is doomed! How can she be in charge of the safety of the pack when she has no clue how to keep herself safe even with written instructions and diagrams?!!! She is the most spoiled, whiny immature female lead character that I have seen in a long time and I cannot stand her.

Faythe's human ex-boyfriend had to be the world's worst and most uninspiring Mr Evil. And of course dumb Faythe has to keep his turning secret, putting everyone in danger AGAIN!

The irony is that the books had real potential. I liked the plot ideas and some of the pack members and the relationships between the pack members could have had many interesting angles but it was all spoiled by moronic dumb Faythe. Such a pity!

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