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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Book Review-Stray by Rachel Vincent

Faythe is a werecat, daughter of the Alpha/Council Head and wanting an independent life from the Pride with her college boyfriend and human friends. But Stray males are kidnapping the few available breeding age tabbies and Faythe is on their list.Called home by her Dad, Faythe seeks to rebel which places her in mortal danger as the Strays seek her out. 

I love were/shifter books and so much wanted to like this one-bit of a let down. Faythe is meant to be 23 years old and lived away from home for 5 years yet she comes across as a whiny, bleating, irritating 12 year old having tantrums when she doesn't get her own way. You sympathize for ten minutes about her life being mapped out for her by her parents for the good of the Pride but then you get annoyed by her going on about it. She moans about her Dad wanting her to marry Marc-Faythe, you love the guy so what is the problem??? Most people want Daddy to approve of the guy in their lives! This childish obsession with 'I'll just run away then' at a time when her cousin and friend have been abducted, and she is a target, is stupid and annoying and shows a disregard for her family and her own safety. I can't stand her! It also took so long to get into the actual story of the Strays and the abductions...the whole first half of the book was just Faythe's tantrums.
On the plus side, the abduction bit was good to read and kept me interested, and at last you see Faythe as more of an adult. It just all came a bit late in the book for me to give this more than 2 stars.

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