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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Friday, 10 February 2012

The joys of technology

Hello to my one reader and his dog! Yes I am still alive and well. It has been a busy week for me and now I'm just catching up with stuff. After two years of saving I have finally managed to buy my new computer! Hurrah! It's not an expensive one and I managed not to get Windows 7 with it. The last time I put Windows 7 in a computer it destroyed my files and rearranged my settings so that almost nothing worked so no way was that Bad Boy getting into my nicy shiny new computer! Oh the sheer joy not to have to hit a button thirty times to get the page to change...not waiting 6 years for the computer to start up....*sigh* I feel spoiled now! So I've been spending the last week or so setting up ITunes and various other things and getting myself up and running.
    The Republican race is getting very interesting(yes ok I have no life) after the three wins for Rick Santorum. Maybe Mitt Romney regrets having Donald Trump backing him-I think it has put a curse on him! Jeez I despise Donald Trump. He came over to my country to build a golf course on land that didn't belong to him and tried to evict local people from their homes just to get his own way. How dare he tell people that they have to move out of their homes just so he can build a bloody golf course! But now Mr Obnoxious is unhappy that the Scottish Government are planning a windfarm off the coast of his golf course and HE is complaining about being treated unfairly and having his views spoiled! What a turd. I wish he would naff off back over the Atlantic or get lost on a remote island somewhere where he can't annoy me.

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