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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The woes of Rangers

I have been following this story in the media since it broke. Now I am not a fan of Rangers and I don't usually care if they or Celtic win the Scottish Premier League title each year-I am only really interested in how my own team is doing. But it is a sad thing to see ANY football team be in danger of going out of business. OK you can say it is their own fault for bad management and trying to pay less tax than they should have been but it doesn't stop me feeling sorry for the manager and the fans. Ally McCoist waited years to take on his dream job as manager and for him to be dropped into this mess must be a total nightmare. And the fans-well my heart goes out to them. They have been betrayed and cheated and they are scared for the future of their beloved club. It is a sad day for Scottish football when a club is threatened with extinction. When our local rivals Morton were being mismanaged by a chairman they wanted rid of, fans of other teams including St Mirren were joining demos to help get him out. When Partick Thistle were in financial trouble, fans of other clubs were donating money to their fighting fund. So I find it somewhat distasteful to see Celtic fans and directors gloating and being all smug about Rangers woes. I don't think anyone should take pleasure in seeing a football club get into this mess. Who knows which team could be next? If it did happen to be Celtic I doubt they would get much sympathy except from people like me! Anyway I'm just glad that those in charge of my team have done a wonderful job in running it and keeping us financially secure, allowing fans to enjoy the great football we are playing this year.

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