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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The World has gone MAD

Do you look at the news and just think that the world has gone mad? That society as we know it is just breaking down around us? I certainly do. I was watching with horror as the Bolton footballer Fabrice Muamba collapsed during the game and was technically dead. While his recovery has really been a miracle, I had to shake my head at that 21 year old student who felt the need to make disgusting comments and racial slurs against him while he fought for his life. What the hell is WRONG with these muppets??? What did that poor guy ever do to deserve that abuse from a stranger? But of course the little shit who made the comments claimed that 'the drink made me do it and I have lots of friends from different backgrounds, honest'. Oh yeah sure. Take some damn responsibility for your own narrow minded bile why don't you, instead of blaming everyone else and their cat.
   Move to the reports from the USA and a young black man was shot by neighbourhood watch for lurking and being suspicious and 'probably on drugs'. His assassin claimed to have shot him in self defence and the police agreed, when the boy was only armed with a phone, a drink and a packet of Skittles according to what I read. And the police wonder why so many people have a problem with them? Personally I think most of the police are honest and hardworking but this small minority that make decisions like this are making life impossible for other cops.
   France. Gunmen running around the city executing soldiers, jewish people and children. In fact every day I read the papers I despair about the world around me. Pensioners murdered and raped. Paedophiles getting housed across from schools. Terrorists and convicted killers not getting deported because despite the danger they pose, their human right to live here is more important than our right to live in safety.

Oh yes. The world has really gone mad.

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