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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Book Review-Blood Song by Cat Adams

I did quite like this one. The main character is interesting, the story keeps moving along at a reasonable speed-it was a decent read. However it didn't grab me the way I had hoped when I started it.

First problem were the bad guys. They just didn't seem to be that interesting to me-no real menace or personality to them. When they appeared on page it was a case of 'hmmm, it's these guys again'.

The potential love interests weren't that exciting either. I was bored by them and wanted the story to move past them. I just didn't really care enough about these side characters to really get into the book. At one point, I felt the author was trying to shove in too many characters and none of them were really developed because of that ie the scene in her office with the office manager, the police, the ex-boyfriend, the lawyer, her mother, Vicki's mother all the supernatural characters, Vicki's girlfriend, the werewolf potential love interest and his family members, the sirens, the staff at the residential institute, her friends and family was just too much pointless stuff.

Give the book a try though. It was a decent read but not enough for me to

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