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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

London 2012 Olympic fever

To be honest I wasn't really that bothered one way or another who hosted the Olympics in the beginning. But then I thought 'hey I can actually see the Olympics in my timezone!'. No more sitting up bleary eyed all night clutching Mr Coffee, trying not to doze off between dives, throws or heats. I hated missing some of my favourite events which could only be seen via the red button at stupid o'clock. Watching the highlights after they smugly tell you the results just isn't the same. So this time I could see it all live over all the extra channels that the BBC provided. Great coverage indeed! Just as exciting as seeing Mayor Boris on that bloody zipline! Now that was Britain at its best!
   Then there was the big hoo-hah about the Opening Ceremony. Now I never watch these epics because it just bores me until the athletes parade begins, so when I heard that it was being entrusted to Danny Boyle, I was skeptical. I don't like his films or the way he directs them. Still I was curious about the history of Britain story he was doing and there was sod all else on that night so I figured 'why not?'.
   I stand corrected. I thought it was brilliant. The guys on bikes with wings, the NHS sequence, the huge Voldemort, Rowan Atkinson's Chariots of fire, The skydiving Queen, Bonkers!, the music and film clips...I thought it was really great to watch. And how cool was the Olympic cauldron???!!!! It looked stunning though I wanted Steve Redgrave to light it! I did enjoy seeing the wonderful Chris Hoy carrying the flag-he was stopping so many times for autographs and photos that I feared he wouldn't get to the stadium in time. But all went well and it was a great start in my book. Maybe Danny Boyle should think about sticking with theatre as he has a flair for it!

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