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Monday, 15 October 2012

A salute to our paralympians

Now I want to take a moment to look back at the outstanding performances in the Paralympics. First a wee rant to Channel Four about the lack of choice in our viewing. Every day we were offered wheelchair basketball/volleyball/rugby but did they bother to show us the cycling events that we all wanted to see? Did they bugger. I wanted to see our British athletes in the road races and marathons where we were medal favourites and I was furious to find that there was no TV coverage of it! I wanted to watch Sarah Storey and David Weir winning medals!!!!! That would never have happened to Bradley Wiggins, that's for sure.
   But anyway, lets applaud the athletes and stop ranting. David and Sarah-4 gold medals each. I mean how awesome is that? The fact that Weir did it over 4 middle and long distance events and Storey over track and road at different lengths made it even more amazing. It seemed only fitting that they held the flag together at the closing ceremony. Who could have chosen between them? What a wonderful advert for British athletics. I've been watching the Weir-Wolf for years and he just gets better and better. Perhaps with all the interest in the paralympics now, we might get better coverage in the future(though I won't hold my breath)
   And Ellie Symonds-wasn't she just wonderful again? She is without doubt one of our greatest ever olympians and she is still just 18 years old! What a career she has ahead of her if she can avoid injury. I was yelling at the TV like a mad thing each time she was in a final! She goes through that water like a torpedo! Getting a medal in each event was a wonderful achievement and lets hope for many more.

There were so many great performances to rave about-that wonderful win in the 100metres and our superb equestrian team for starters. It was a great summer of sport all round and I loved watching it.

And on a purely female note-just how gorgeous is Oscar Pistorius??!!!

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