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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Monday, 15 October 2012

I'd rather have my teeth pulled out

Yes I'm talking about the prospect of watching the Scotland football team in their next qualifying match after the shambles of Friday. I mean seriously, how crap were they??? I don't expect us to be worldbeaters but on paper we have as good a Scotland team as we ever have done yet we are playing like total clowns! In that first half, a poor Scotland team were margionally better than a dispirited Wales team so it was not pretty to watch but we should have killed the game by half time. But no, we come out in the second half looking even worse while Wales rallied to start putting on the pressure. We can moan as much as we like about disallowed goals and questionable penalties-the fact is that Wales were also on the end of some poor decisions in the game. They just seemed to want it more than Scotland in my opinion so fair play to them.
   So why did we lose? Tactics pure and simple. Our manager has been obsessed with this 'one man up front' thing which can never work for us especially once we lose a goal. For too many games, Kenny Miller has been up there on his own trying to win the game single-handed. He spared our blushes in the last qualifiers and I thought with the welcome return of Fletcher that the two would play together up front and have a go at a team who, with all due rspect, have a very wobbly defence and low morale. But no. Miller gets REPLACED by Fletcher. I swear I was tearing my hair out before we even started!!! Talk about a bloody stubborn manager????? Charlie Adam has been worse than poor in the last three Scotland games and he needs to be replaced until he gets some form back. And he is not the only one who doesn't look interested. Is it purely bad form or is it that they think the manager has lost the plot tactically?

It makes me wish I'd just watched Mamma Mia on STV instead.

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